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The Anglican Parish of Aldridge, consisting of Aldridge Parish Church, St Thomas' Church, Tynings Lane Church and the Hothouse.
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Mission and Outreach

As followers of Jesus, we’re called to reach out with His love to those who live close and far. Find out below about what we’re doing both locally and globally!
At Aldridge Parish Church, we have two groups that are responsible for overseeing mission in our church. The first is our Local Community Outreach group, which focuses on developing our outreach to Aldridge, and the second is GLO, which is responsible for overseeing our global mission work.
June 2017
Dear Church Family
We have received  the Spring report from the Diocese of Kitgum, Uganda . We are in partnership with them through Tearfund.
There is lots of news about the transformational changes in the Kitgum for which we can thank the Lord.
Please read the news and pray for the folk and the various projects here.
The Kitgum folk are very grateful for the financial support APC has given to the project.
There is a short video which will be shown at church this month.
John Gilbert on behalf of GLO (Global & Local Outreach)

Local Outreach

As a church, we believe that it’s incredibly important to be rooted within our community of Aldridge. We encourage our members to be actively living for Jesus in their places of work, their schools and their homes, so that the light of Jesus might truly shine in Aldridge. We also hold twice yearly outreach events in Aldridge Shopping Centre, at Christmas and Easter, to show the people of our community that their local church is alive and active, and that Jesus has a plan for their lives. Take a look at some of the photos of our most recent outreach events in Aldridge.

Global Outreach

Hilary and Reza

Working Overseas

We are enjoying the challenges of living in a third world country. It took a little time to get adjusted to the heat and the 9 hour time difference when we arrived back. Around Christmas our telephone went out for about 10 days which meant a Christmas without communication!


The local electricity board has problems – today our electricity came on for half an hour at 1.30pm and then for 2 hours from 4pm to about 6pm. It has now just come on a little after 11pm. Each day the electricity goes off for an uncertain amount of time, it can be 2 hours or 12 hours. This makes life just a little difficult, the lap top, the cell phones and the emergency lamp do not have enough time to recharge properly. The water board usually sends us water twice a week. The rest of the time we rely on a water pump fuelled by electricity. The rice cooker is also useless and the fridge is a little confused.  While you have snow we have nice warm weather at about 35 degrees – which is tolerable when the air conditioner works. We try to cool our bedroom down, rejoicing for an hour or two of cooler surroundings. You must realise it also gets dark here at around 6pm. Our ability to work in these conditions has been greatly reduced.


Attempts are also being made to make the general community temperature hotter, with many small skirmishes taking place causing tension etc. All this is in preparation for elections coming up in April. We need wisdom to be in the right place at the right time and not be in places where things could suddenly flare up.


Tomorrow we travel to one place that the social temperature was quite hot a few weeks ago.  We are taking school bags, pens, pencils and other things for children who lost every thing when they lost their houses suddenly in December. We are taking school bags for both communities.  We also want to try and sort out the distribution of our children’s magazine. Our distributor still owes almost a thousand pounds for about 800 magazines that have not been paid for. We visited her in December and she gave us only 5% of what she owes us! Please pray for wisdom.


The next edition of the magazine should have gone to print a week or so ago, but with the limited electricity we are facing difficulties in getting the layout sorted out before we send the copy to  for printing. Please pray that when we get back on Thursday we can get the last bit finished.


Thanks for your prayer support.


Hilary & Reza

February 2009

Paul and Cathy Middleton

South Africa

Paul and Cathy were members of AYF in the late 70’s and later became Pathfinder and House Group leaders.

Not long after they were married they felt that God had some full-time work for them overseas. This initially began with a move to Sheffield in 1992 to work for a Christian management training company. Three years later they felt the Lords prompting that another change was imminent and this led to a move to Africa where they helped set up a youth program with the Lesotho-Durham link in the capital Maseru. An initial three-year commitment turned into four after which the youth work was handed over to the nationals.

Then, after feeling God was moving them into mission flying Paul enrolled at a flying school and completed his South African commercial license with an instrument rating in December 1999.

The family moved from Lesotho to White River in South Africa in June of 2003 where they now work with Mercy Air. Mercy Air was borne out of Youth with a Mission (YWAM) and is a sister, although smaller organisation to the more well-known Mercy Ships. They are situated near Nelspruit and provide a service to the missions/relief/aid/development community in the southern African region but mainly Mozambique.

They operate four aircraft at present – a Cessna 310, a turbine Quest Kodiak and two Eurocopter 350’s which are used jointly for mission and relief flights.

When not flying Paul is responsible for flight operations, publicity and is Mercy Air’s safety officer.

Cathy, who is a registered nurse and midwife, volunteers part time at Africa School of Missions which is a bible college preparing missionaries for overseas service. She teaches basic medical skills and is part of a team which visits rural clinics during the week. She also helps with Mercy Air’s hospitality ministry.

Matthew spend four years at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, SA where he studied photo journalism. He has now flown the nest and is living with his wife in Durban where they are freelance photographers. They have a young daughter named Isabella.


The Hope Healing Home, China

Robin was born in Birmingham and lived in Aldridge till he was 20. He has lived in Australia, New Zealand and from 1994, in China. His father, the late Walter Hill was Aldridge Youth Fellowship leader for many years. Robin met and married Joyce in Australia and since 1998, they have followed God’s direction in caring for abandoned Chinese babies with medical needs in their home, Hope Foster Home

Joyce is a doctor and she tends to their immediate needs and also seeks surgeons around the world to help with the surgical needs. The first home was opened Feb 2000 in a small village in the south east of Beijing. In 2002 they started work on the new facility in Bei Wu Shunyi. This home now cares for up to 54 babies. Since then 4 more units were added which care for babies that are dying. These units can care for up to a total of 300 babies. The vision for these units is “To comfort always, to relieve often and to save sometimes.”

They have seen God move in some amazing ways to care for the very least of the babies in China giving the babies the best there is.

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